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I retired after 28+ years serving the public as an FBI agent.  It was a profound honor to spend my professional life serving alongside some of the finest police officers, federal agents and prosecutors imaginable.  And I owe a sincere debt of gratitude to my fellow citizens, who I never forgot were the ones I served, and who permitted me the honor of carrying the gold badge of the FBI.  

But, along the way I discovered that some in FBI executive management and small, but pernicious groups of federal prosecutors, were quick to serve their own agendas, rather than serving the best interests of the citizens.   Often times their  hidden-agendas severely impeded the hard-working front-line employees of the FBI.  The widespread dissatisfaction with FBI executive management, and the all too often capricious acts of prosecutors are a well known, open secret with federal investigators nationwide.   

Likeminded agents confronted FBI executives and prosecutors whenever their actions obstructed Due Process.  This made us unpopular, especially with certain federal prosecutors.  But usually our accomplishments as lead investigators could not be overshadowed by their subversive tactics.   My personal experience with these conditions provided me with a well-honed ability to ferret-out and confront government misconduct, find Discovery violations, identify operations of rogue informants, and to exploit sloppy, weak criminal investigations and prosecutions. 

I leverage my consulting practice through partnerships with nationally known journalists and news outlets.  I strive to provide transparency to the public about criminal prosecutions, a topic I consider critical to maintaining citizens' freedom and our democracy.

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Our Mission

Criminal Defense and Complex Civil Litigation Consulting:

We investigate the investigation and the prosecution, orienting defense lawyers by focusing their efforts on attacking key weaknesses we identify.   We concentrate on the government's routine failure to fulfill their discovery obligations.   Often times law enforcement officials conduct highly competent investigations, and then skilled prosecutors serve the public well by conducting ethical, fair prosecutions.  However, in more than just isolated instances, law enforcement officials make significant, occasionally fatal investigative and prosecutive mistakes, by mishandling evidence, by bungling control of informants, by materially failing to properly document investigations and by misleading prosecutors about their findings.   Prosecutors are often reluctant to turn that information over,  which is usually helpful to the defense (and embarrassing to the government).  Uncovering this type of evidence can be crucial in obtaining a favorable outcome to your case.    

Journalism Partnerships:

Danik Solutions magnifies our voice by partnering with news media companies.  We provide insight to national media organizations  about their investigative journalism projects.  Our journalistic projects focus on FBI executive management,  the U.S. Department of Justice, the U.S Attorney's Office, intelligence collection by government agencies, the federal criminal courts and security issues facing citizens in their public and workplace environments.  Representative media quotes of ours are in the Wall Street Journal, The Boston Herald, Fox News, Sinclair Broadcasting, Newsweek, The Intercept and Judicial Watch.  We have appeared on numerous news broadcasts and provided significant on-air commentary to outlets concerning terrorism attacks and criminal invstigations. 

Security Risk Assessments:

We have partnered with former U.S. military special forces operators to provide security assessments aimed at enhancing safety and security in workplace and public venues.  Our security assessment partners have attacked and defended some of the hardest targets on the planet.  They are heroes, many being combat disabled veterans.  Together we have extensive experience performing as critical members of security components at U.S. Embassies, providing force protection to the military, securing sensitive government operations in hostile environments and serving the security needs of private sector clients.  Leverage our experience, deep industry contacts and intense commitment to customizing cost effective security solutions for your enterprise.