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My career generated deep exposure to some of society's worst ills.  A law enforcement career allows people, if they make the effort, to obtain unique knowledge and experience at the confluence of criminal justice, government bungling, addiction/mental illness issues and severe human trauma.  Our volunteer efforts channel unique coping mechanisms learned from the misery dealt with on the job, striving to serve our fellow citizens through compassion, counseling, and action.  

Court Appointed Guardian ad Litem, 15th Judicial Circuit, Florida:

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Volunteer, Court Appointed.  A Guardian ad Litem is more than just a child's court advocate. They often become a role model, mentor, educational surrogate, friend, confidant, and most important, a consistent caring person on whom the child can rely.   The motto of the Florida Guardian program is, "I am for the child".

Addiction Victims' Services  

Photo by  Ben White  on  Unsplash

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

As your loved one lays isolated, slowly dying on the street, predators feed their addiction and then rob them.  Your mother, child, sibling, is nothing more than a quick dollar to these street hustlers.   An innocent addicts' death literally means nothing to them.  When an addict is missing, endangered, helpless, is when these street animals pounce hardest.  Helping a family locate, counsel and remove an addict to a safe place is a traumatic, draining task.  Families are frightened, praying for help.  We participate in addict rescues, and have launched a pilot program to help families, intervention specialists, law enforcement and medical personnel in south Florida in this important cause.   If your loved one is lost on the streets of south Florida, use our contact page to get help locating resources to help find them:  Contact

FBI Employee Whistleblower Support

photo credit: Pro Publica

photo credit: Pro Publica

We are assisting many FBI employees who have blown the whistle on serious FBI executive management waste, fraud, abuse and misconduct.   Hard-working employees report serious misconduct much more often than the public knows.  Whistleblowers believe the "FBI system" will do the right thing and correct the reported activity.   However, many have found out, if the FBI executive being reported belongs to the special class of self-appointed executive insiders at the FBI, the tables quickly are turned, and the whistleblower soon becomes the target.  Most of our cases involve agents who had decades of exemplary performance and high ratings, but during their very next Performance Review after their whistleblower complaint, they received a devastating, failing performance review.  Then suddenly rumors were started to initiate internal investigations against them and the executives poisoned others against the whistleblower, causing them to become isolated and ostracized by colleagues.  Several whistleblowers have suddenly been found to have time and attendance issues, became labeled as insider threats or mysteriously began having problems passing their security polygraph.  We have found these types of attacks to be coordinated, planned activity by small groups of executives in a disturbing number of cases.  Fortunately, by sharing resources, many of the agents we help are winning their appeals, and they are exposing the dark side of this insidious gang of insiders in the FBI executive ranks.  Please use our contact page if you need support in this regard.    

Defense Consulting-Police Officers-Deadly Force

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Police operate on a high-wire today, especially regarding their use of deadly force.  Some have clearly committed acts deserving prosecution, however, a disturbingly large number of indictments have been shown to be factually insufficient.  Often the FBI becomes involved, exposing an officer to prosecutions in federal court, as well as state court   We provide free consulting services to lawyers of police officers charged in shooting cases.    Often police are subjected to investigative procedures that are riddled with trap-doors such as walk-throughs of the incident without opportunity to review evidence available to refresh their recollections.   We assist in conducting Discovery review, litigation strategies,  examining investigators' backgrounds for Giglio material, and with an analysis of critical Garrity issues.   

Human Trafficking Project

Photo by  Peter Hershey  on  Unsplash

Photo by Peter Hershey on Unsplash

Our law enforcement experience investigating human trafficking violations has spawned our private sector support and education effort. The focus is on assisting victims of this heartbreaking crime by supporting rescuers, and educating and contacting persons who can serve as information tripwires for police.  Educating the community, and developing intelligence which can be exploited by law enforcement, are at the heart of our efforts.  When front line community members are empowered to recognize the tradecraft of traffickers, and when they have contacts where they can report their observations, it can be a powerful combination in combating this epidemic.      

Violent Crime-Mental Illness

Photo by  Alex Iby  on  Unsplash

Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash

We assist families torn-apart when loved one's, who have mental illnesses, have been charged with committing serious violent crimes.  These families are traumatized by what their relative is accused of doing and they too deserve a voice of comfort and guidance.  Many worked hard for decades, supporting and patiently providing a loving environment to the accused.  They feel compassion and deep sorrow for the victims, and they have concerns about the extent that the mental illness played in their loved one's arrest.  Often the possibility of a death penalty case faces them.  Our outreach is focused on the family.  We don't assist the defendant's lawyers directly, but we do assist the lawyer of the family, if one is retained.  Our hope is to provide comfort, investigative resources and perspective to innocent families who become swept-up in these traumatic situations.