Representative criminal defense and complex business litigation where we've consulted:

(not a law firm)

Criminal Defense Consulting:

defense: Las Vegas, fbi undercover-money laundering indictment:

Consulted for a defendant and lawyer on a federal money laundering indictment-FBI undercover operation.  Uncovered extensive policy, discovery and potential law violations.  Made presentation to the government of my findings.  Case dismissed against client.

Defense: northern district of virginia, Multiple fbi undercover operations, material support of terrorism, indictment: 

Conducted extensive review of undercover operation compliance issues and informant handling.  Reviewed electronic recordings regarding evidence handling compliance.  Documented lack of production by government of key discovery items. 

defense: middle district of florida, irs and federal deposit insurance corporation (FDIC) bank fraud/financial institution failure indictment:

Assisting lawyers defending an executive officer against an indictment alleging a complex, international bank fraud scheme involving a $200 million real estate project. Case resolved as Misprision of Felony. 


defense: district of nevada, FBI mail and wire fraud indictment: 

Consultant to a lawyer on discovery review, assisting lawyer in preparation of Giglio demands,  analysis of factors mitigating victim losses, advice on pursuit of a complex corruption issue, review of electronic media and extensive trial preparation. 

defense: middle district of california, mail and wire fraud, money laundering and identity theft indictment:

Consultant to a lawyer on large scale alleged insurance and identity fraud indictment reviewing discovery, government compliance with informant use and Giglio issues concerning investigators.

defense: Federal district court, federal grand jury investigative phase, fbi and irs:

Assisting lawyers counseling a group of shareholders in a complex billing investigation.    


defense: district of nevada, interstate transportation motor vehicles, wire fraud-indictment:

Assisting lawyer and a defendant on significant Discovery and informant use issues. 

defense: northern district of georgia, unauthorized disclosure of information, former fbi agent:

Assisted former FBI agent and their lawyer in resolving as a misdemeanor, allegations arising from alleged unauthorized on-duty disclosures.   


Civil Litigation Consulting: 

bankruptcy creditors consultant: southern district of florida:

Assisting creditors' attorney with strategy and documenting extensive alleged fraud in bankruptcy filings of a debtor.  Tracing assets, compiling lines of questioning for debtor's Sections 341 and 2004 examinations, documenting possible criminal referral.

PRe-filing phase qui tam, southern district of florida- medical professionals, Controlled substances-kickback investigation:

Assisted lawyer and potential Relator reporting a kickback and controlled substance distribution Qui Tam matter.  Identified ongoing patient and public safety issues.  Advised and assisted on immediate referral to law enforcement. Targets arrested. 

complex business litigation, 17th judicial circuit, florida:

Assisting Plaintiff shareholders' lawyers in a fraud action involving multiple business locations.  Real Estate, banking and capital account issues. 

complex business-regulatory, Northern district of georgia:

Assisted medical professional during preliminary phase of a regulatory billing inquiry.  

complex business litigation, southern district of florida:

Assisting lawyers and  a group of investors defrauded in an international investment scheme.  Complex issues involve fraud, asset tracing, bank relationship reviews and inventory purchases.