The Bundy Case: Flagrant Violations in Nevada by federal prosecutors

On December 20, 2017, during a jury trial of key Bundy family members, U.S. District Court Judge Gloria M. Navarro declared a mistrial, and issued a blistering rebuke to the U.S. Attorney's Office in Nevada for withholding evidence and flagrantly violating their duty to seek out, and disclose information helpful to the defense.  In announcing her decision, Judge Navarro acted quickly because she had the jury waiting.  Dispensing with the formality of placing her Order in writing, she stated:

"And the Court is going to be providing its decision orally to save time rather than trying to perfect a written order". -Judge Navarro


The Bundy court file is massive.  We had to closely research it to find the Hearing transcript.  It's posted here for you:

Judge Navarro's ruling underscores a key defense strategy that we emphasize to defense lawyers.  DOJ components routinely, either through incompetence or by design, withhold information from the defense that they clearly should provide.  Identifying that potential information, demanding it from the government and fighting to obtain it, is a material component of the Due Process rights that defendants are guaranteed.