"Citizens are not ruled by prosecutors, bureaucrats or federal police executives!"

What We DO:

Skilled consulting on criminal defense and complex civil litigation;

Journalism focused on government enforcement agencies;

Security assessments enhancing public venue and workplace safety.

  • Was the government's investigation and prosecution conducted according to policy and law?   We specialize in helping lawyers answer that question.

  • Partnering with nationally known journalists is a core strategy.  We unearth small, but pernicious pockets of prosecutors and law enforcement executives capriciously initiating, investigating, filing or declining prosecutions to pursue hidden agendas.

  • Through a joint venture with former U.S. military special forces operators, we are passionate about providing security assessments to enhance safety in public and workplace environments.



-Palm Beach County Police Benevolent   Association 

-Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI


  -Ohio Society of Certified Public Accountants      -Columbia Journalism Review


             -ASIS, a professional security organization