That isn't just a slogan for us.  We take action without fear of  the monetary impact on our consulting business.  Our actions often cause serious problems for the government, which makes us a target for retaliation by small, but pernicious pockets of insiders at DOJ. 

When potential clients are deciding whether to retain us, they have a right to know what adversarial litigation and journalism projects we are pursuing against the DOJ.  A partial list, that can be made publically, follows: 



I sued the DOJ in federal court during 2017.  The FBI stonewalled a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Demand I filed aimed at recovering FBI documents related to the Hillary Clinton email server investigation.   The documents I sought may materially contradict the FBI’s public version of how the Clinton email server investigation ("Matter") was handled.   The records could be exceedingly damaging to a few of the highest ranking current and former officials at the FBI.   I cooperated on this effort with Fox News national DOJ reporter, Katherine Herridge.  Ms. Herridge produced an initial story about the efforts.  I was quoted and credited with forcing the FBI to produce initial important documents regarding possible conflicts of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe in the Clinton email server investigation.  I then began working closely with Judicial Watch on this project.   A Judicial Watch lawyer represents me in the federal lawsuit I filed against the DOJ.   Recently, the DOJ conceded my lawsuit, and settled by agreeing that the FBI must produce the documents to me/Judicial Watch in early 2018.  This project receives national media attention which is expected to continue.   


journalism: contract corruption, fbiHQ

I’m coordinating with a national news organization on a publication detailing possible contract corruption at FBIHQ where FBI executives were subjects of a DOJ investigation.  My media partner forced the DOJ to produce the investigative report into the allegations.    The story and documents will be released in early 2018, exposing the questionable manner in which some contractors, especially retired FBI agents, are hired at FBIHQ.   We believe our involvement is known to FBIHQ officials and some insiders at FBIHQ might be unhappy that their rigged-up, tax-payer funded retirement job “ gravy train”  might come under public scrutiny. 


journalism: doj, civil rights:

As a result of our efforts in a criminal defense case, which are well known to the DOJ,  a federal indictment was dismissed.  Additionally, the FBI was forced to open an investigation into issues we discovered.   We are assisting in further actions against the government.


Media broadcast focusing on former FBI director james comey:

Recently I appeared, along with another retired FBI agent, on an extended video broadcast by a well-known online news organization.   We were critical of FBI executive management's handling of the Clinton email server investigation, and discussed problems and mistakes made, particularly those made by former FBI Director Comey.  The broadcast received millions of views, and millions of shares on multiple social media platforms.  The broadcast made trending lists around the world.   


explosive discovery violations to be reported:

A DOJ component has been criticized for Brady and other Discovery violations in a nationally known case.  We are assisting individuals in documenting and possibly disclosing additional significant issues in the case.  These issues, if disclosed, are expected to have a serious effect on the integrity of the government's prosecution. 


government misconduct/obstruction/retaliation

We are seeking authority to cooperate with a litigant in a widely publicized abuse case.  The government appears to have been obstructing reports of possible misconduct in the case.  We believe the government is aware of our potential assistance to a party adverse to their interests. 



We publish a separate website centering on waste, abuse and misconduct by executives at the FBI.  This site is wildly popular with line-level FBI employees and journalists, but has attracted the ire of several powerful FBI Executives and their devotees.  http://brickagentunderground.com/ 

Consulting on a media project investigating if the FBI might have been at least partially responsible for actions resulting in the murder of a police officer.

Publication documenting criminal acts of an FBI informant during an undercover case, and possible involvement by current and former DOJ officials.

Investigating for publication, an FBI informant's criminal acts during a Terrorism investigation.