If the case against you involves the use of undercover agents, we have the knowledge and experience to assist your lawyer in evaluating the government's compliance with strict FBI undercover authority policies in this investigative area.  Don't underestimate the minefield of  issues that government agents must navigate during an undercover investigation.  When the agents execute their undercover mission well, it is a devastating technique against defendants.   But in more than just a small number of cases, they do not get it right.  


FBI Undercover Experience  


Undercover: Organized Crime/Political Corruption

Primary investigator, instituted an FBI undercover operation aimed at an elected official who was suspected of taking bribes for their assistance in getting government approvals.  Required to operate inside of strip clubs with undercover agents, surveillance agents, informants and targets.  A sophisticated operational plan had to be designed and approved.  Planned and executed numerous video and audio recordings and surveillances.  Part of operation was conducted in Las Vegas during annual adult entertainment industry convention. Cash bribes were paid by undercover agents. Subject arrested and convicted. Extensive news coverage was generated about the investigation.  Received a commendation from the U.S. Attorney’s Office and a cash bonus from the FBI.


Undercover: Stock/Financial Investment Fraud-High Yield Return scam

Performed FBI undercover role as a CPA, infiltrating a money laundering and high-yield investment fraud scheme. Targets met often in challenging environments requiring sophistication using audio recording equipment and employing physical surveillance.  Operational security, ingratiating with targets who were very guarded accepting new acquaintances, backstopping my business front, and crime element knowledge were key factors to obtain the evidence needed for case success.  The targets were convicted.  I received a commendation letter from the FBI Director for my role. 


Undercover: Prison corruption

Planned and instituted an FBI approved undercover operation that targeted approximately two-dozen predicated personnel, mostly prison guards at a Florida maximum security prison. At my direction and approval several undercover agents paid bribes to smuggle contraband into the prison, and the targets progressed to transporting multi-kilo cocaine delivers for cash payments. Twenty people, mostly state licensed law enforcement personnel, were indicted and arrested; all pled guilty. I received several commendation letters for my efforts from the FBI, U.S. Attorney’s Office, Florida Bureau of Prisons and local police departments who had participated in the operation.


Undercover: Terrorism investigations (al-Qaida and al Shabaab):

Executed an FBI undercover operation in a Middle Eastern country targeting an al-Qaida cell recruiting fighters to undergo training programs and conduct Jihad in Somalia.  Was responsible for the entire operation in the foreign country, including overseeing initial surveillance, target identification and establishing movements, and coordinating covert activity with host country authorities and U.S. Embassy stakeholders.  Conducted discreet importation of the undercover agent, undercover support elements and equipment.  Oversaw foreign country meetings and evidence collection and then arrest and extradition of subjects.  Subjects were convicted in the United States of Material Support of Terrorism. 


Sophisticated/dangerous covert operation-kidnapping

Planned and operated an FBI covert operation that took place inside a notorious Super-max prison.  The operation was aimed at an individual who was suspected of kidnapping and possibly murdering a child. The operation was very sensitive due to the complexity of inserting the undercover agent into the prison and supporting their operation.  Extreme security planning had to be employed to protect against a possibility of a violent encounter, should the operation be discovered. The effort had a positive outcome.


Undercover: Counter-Intelligence

Had a material role in two classified foreign counter-intelligence undercover operations (involving foreign intelligence officers of significant threat countries operating in the U.S.).  These undercover operations took place over long periods where I conducted extensive surveillances, provided technical electronic recording coverage, collected evidence of tradecraft, collected intelligence, assisted in designing cover stories and plausible scenarios for the undercover agent and secured and monitored undercover meeting locations.


Undercover: Insurance Fraud

Planned and initiated an FBI undercover operation that penetrated a large organized insurance fraud organization.  I secured assets, shepherded the undercover proposal through the FBI's extensive approval process, selected personnel to fit the criminal enterprises’ operational profile and obtained crucial support from other government agencies.   Extensive video recording and human source penetration was required.  I changed assignments just after I had initiated this investigation, early in its operational phase.  The investigation progressed under my investigative plan and was extremely successful.  Over one-hundred people were arrested and convicted, including licensed healthcare professionals. The investigation was awarded the prestigious 2015 U.S. Attorney General's Award for Fraud Prevention.


FBI Undercover training certification adjunct instructor/evaluator

Was a part-time evaluator for the FBI’s undercover certification training school assisting in evaluating law enforcement officers applying to be certified FBI undercover agents.  Participated in placing them through real world scenarios staged in realistic venues to enhance their training experience.  Advised on techniques, reinforced best practices and induced stress to gauge student’s reactions.  Provided observations about student performance to assist program managers in evaluations.


Alias False Identification and front company establishment

Materially participated in designing numerous false identification documents and business fronts to support FBI undercover operations. This included establishing financial accounts for use, and contracting for clandestine assets needed for mission success.